Earning the GOSUB Certificate

the benefits


Invest in yourself and your career by staying up-to-date on the latest methodologies for creating quality subtitles and closed captions and increasing proficiency. Our certification gets your foot in the door.

The certificate attests that the recipient has acquired certain knowledge of the subject. Many career changers turn to certifications to get themselves into new areas of employment.

The certification will not only enable you to make more money, but it will also differentiate you from your competition.


Additionally, with this certificate, you will have the immediate opportunity for work. After the course, we offer you immediate paid work/extra training creating closed caption files in English, timed English templates, retiming/synching, creating ‘SFX’ files, etc., so that you get more work experience before you start working for agencies.

This is invaluable as gives you the opportunity to start earning and gives you immediate work experience. We also give you feedback on each project on the areas of improvement.


You will have gained enough knowledge to begin working as a subtitler, closed captioner, time coder/spotter or quality controller. You can subtitle in the entertainment area or the education and distance learning area. You can subtitle live events or sports events. The opportunities are unlimited.

Once you feel ready, (this can be directly after the course or after the paid training) we also refer you to subtitling agencies and any agency that reaches out to us looking for qualified GoSubbers.

Whatever your reason for taking this course, it will truly benefit you.

The Subtitle World

the industry
Many people enjoy the benefits of subtitled television shows and movies but don’t think about the work put into them. Subtitling is an industry of its own, with many types of people involved in it.

The audiovisual industry today is seeing an extraordinary demand for subtitling. Broadcasters and content providers are trying to reach the largest audience possible, while the boom in Internet-based videos has made it more common for subtitles to accompany downloaded and streamed content.

From the viewers’ side, we are noting an increased demand for interlingual subtitling, even in countries that are not traditionally subtitling countries. Digital video formats have helped make audiences familiar with subtitling if they were not previously accustomed to it.

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